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MiniTec Profi-Team RMS

Roller Conveyors RMS
RMS is a pallet-transfer-system on the base of friction rollers and can be used for higher charges. On installations like these for e.g. gears, car seats or engines are assembled.
The workpiece carriers will be moved on high precision friction rollers, powered by tangential chains. The RMS specified workpiece carriers are guided by rollers fixed on the sides. The special design of the workpiece carriers allowes to change the direction easily and smoothly. With the aid of the patented DELTA-transfer-device, all changes of directions can be realized.
By using special covers between the rollers, the transfer system is walkable.


MiniTec Profi-Team FMS
Flexible-Assembly-Lines FMS
FMS is a flexible assembly line with workpiece carriers, which will be transported on static accumulation chain rollers, special belts or chains. Standardized modules for precise positioning, lifting or rotation allowes a very rapid realization of complete assembly lines.
Numerous installations at prestigious automotive suppliers proof the reliability and efficiency of the system since years.
Therefore our new product range MiniTec Profi-Team will correspond to our claim "The Art of Simplicity".





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